Texture Mapping… Winning!

Do your artists have tiger blood running through their veins? Do they possess the talent required to get the most out of reference photos and software like BodyPaint,  and Mari? Are your artists building winning texture maps?

To start, get the highest resolution photos to start building your textures. We use a Canon 5D 21.1 mp camera.  Our  photos are shot in raw. When shooting inside with talent, we use cross polarization filters to eliminate highlights. The purpose is to end up with a flat texture that can be lit later to match lighting conditions of the film, TV or game project.

   Wireframe      Normals         Flat            Spec

Your 3D Model will need to have the UV’s set up to attach the texture. Based on your project, you may want to use normal maps, displacement maps, occlusion maps, or a variety of others to get the effect you desire.

 Another area to consider is size. What size texture map will fit your needs? As you may use several standards for film, TV or games, you may need different size textures for many reasons.

 Textures give your model life and believability.  Whether your artists have tiger blood running through their veins or not, your 3D scanning company should offer customizable models to meet your specific needs. Top notch texture maps  will make you say, “Yea, that’s my model!” Go ahead, you can say it… Winning!


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