What’s Your Game?

Do Game Companies Use the Same 3D Models as Film and Television?   

The answer is yes, and your 3D character should be high resolution in the cine-matics (short film at the start and in-between levels).  High resolution is also required for game trailers. The great thing about the 3D scanned character is the ability to reduce the poly count to be interactive with other characters for game play. The use of Zbrush gives you the ability to go back in history (or quickly do subdivisions) to increase the poly count. Just like movies or TV. When the character gets close to the camera the resolution increases.

While you are 3D scanning your characters, ask for facial expressions. These give your animation team valuable information as to what the muscles in the face, forehead, and jaw do when your characters smile or grimace in pain. Having the scanned expression enables your team to morph or blend these expressions quickly, and easily, using the same poly count and point order.

   Film Quality           Textured            Game Quality 

Whether your project is for film, TV, games, or a combination, one model can be used several times. Get the most out of your character by featuring it in a film and/or game, then move it into a commercial, or music video. Change poly counts, re- texture and all the elements are there for you. These assets can be used for years if you consider franchises, episodics (build new clothes for each episode), and other differing markets that require the same character.

Begin your scan by considering how far you want to take your 3D character. Follow these tips to help increase the impact of your project. Through the meticulous use of your 3D characters discover the many applications of your 3D model. 3D scanning is here to save you time and money


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