Express Yourself!

Express Yourself with Blend Shapes 

Blend Shapes are facial expressions for your 3D character. They show you what the character’s face will look like in an  exact keyframe. Using blend shapes cuts out all the guess work for your animators, giving you a distinct advantage.

Getting the customized blend shapes you need is as easy as having your talent make faces (happy, angry, confused, etc…) during a reference photo shoot. The reference photos will give your artists the images they need to duplicate through modeling or sculpting.

Another technique would be to 3D scan the different expressions in order to add them to your character model. Most times, your 3D scanning service bureau will not charge for these scans until you place an order to process the model. Because these are only partial head scans, the cost should be lower than a complete head scan.

 If indeed you are using the 3D scanning method to obtain your customized blend shapes, confirm that your 3D scanning service bureau matches the same point order and poly count as the original 3D head. If you get this done properly, the blend shape will conform automatically. This will streamline the workflow when showing expressions on your cyber characters, or when creating facial animation.

Blend shapes save time and money when it comes to creating the performance of your cyber character. They are a great way to maintain the integrity and true look of your character’s performance. Consider this for your next project


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