You CAN get what you want!

If you have a strong team of modelers, and proprietary topology, you may want your 3D scanning company to only deliver raw scans. If your 3D scanning company also provides the reference pictures you may also want to request them separately and at a high resolution since you will probably need to UV and re-texture the model anyway. This could be a cost-effective measure based on the project budget. However, if your resources are an issue, your 3D scanning company should be able to provide you with a textured re-meshed model. This would only leave you with the rigging of the characters. It will be prudent to have the CG Lead send your scanning company a wireframe your riggers can use right from the scan, saving you time and money.

Time schedules are also a useful measure to ensure prompt delivery of your models. Proper scheduling enables you to prioritize your characters. Your 3D scanning company knows priorities change, projects become halted, and they even undergo major transitions throughout the process. This experience allows your 3D scanning company to give you the flexibility you need in order to complete your project.

Working closely with your 3D scanning company is imperative to ensure proper and timely delivery of your models.  Communicate clearly and frequently as you work together to complete the project.

3D Scan Retopologized


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