Siggraph, Vancouver 2011, and TNG Visual Effects

Last  chance to catch @nicktesi at Siggraph, in Vancouver!

 What a great reason to visit Vancouver and enjoy the city for a week in the summer. It’s like a double header – Siggraph and Vancouver all in one trip!

Vancouver is an ideal location this time of year. The weather is not too hot or muggy, and the scenery is beautiful. What a great place to vacation a few extra days either before-or-after Siggraph.

Vancouver has been a hot spot for Hollywood film production companies for years. The city’s suitable infrastructure is well set up to accommodate the needs of studios and film makers. This is only the beginning. With great and long lasting TV shows, Vancouver is also home to one of the biggest game makers in the world – EA.


Various elements of a 3D head scan

This is why we have strategically chosen to become part of the infrastructure, and have opened TNG Visual Effects North, to help serve the needs of the Entertainment industry.

We use Canadian technicians to perform our 3D scans, and we also have a talented team that handles all post-processing and delivery. What a team! They have been working on multiple projects and have improved the method and quality of our end product, under strict deadlines.

We will be in Vancouver and will be attending Siggraph from August 7 – 12, 2011. We are available to meet with representatives from companies looking for a 3D scanning company that can deliver quality 3D models, on time and on budget. Please contact us if you have an interest, a project, or if you would like some advice, or if you just want to learn more about 3D scanning. A local 3D scanning company is just what you need. We’re here for you.


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