The Evolution of Character

The Evolution of Character

 Characters in media (movies, commercials, TV and games) that require digital doubles via 3D scanning, need to be captured accurately to retain all unique qualities of the talent. For example, the actor/actress may have distinct facial characteristics such as scars, eye color, nose shape, and eyebrows. The level of detail you will need is determined by the proximity of the camera to the digital double.

From real life to digital model.

3D scanning technology allows us to provide your production with realistic replication. This applies to heads, bodies, wardrobes, environments, props, and whatever else you may need to replicate. A full body and head scan along with blend shapes, facial performance, and mocap is a grand way to bring your digital doubles to life. Throw in some cloth simulation software, dynamic hair, and voiceover to increase the amount of realism your digital doubles can bring to the screen.

 Films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Benjamin Button, and Avatar have shown us that innovation is not dead. As your 3D scanning service provider, we seek opportunities that will improve your production through our valuable service.

 The November 2011 edition of our newsletter serves as an introduction to the newest products and services we offer. Allow us to help you grow your toolbox with these services. We thank you for sharing this exciting time with us in VFX. Let’s continue the adventure.


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