We’ve Got the Power!

TNG acquired additional equipment to continue meeting your project needs. Here are some of the applications available with our Faro system.

 Vehicle and Large Object Scanning – Entire vehicles and objects such as statues can be digitized for placement into virtual environments, allowing them to be blown up/crushed/altered in ways not physically or practically possible in the real world.

Set Capture – Capturing a set in high detail in 3D allows virtual placement of objects and characters at any point in time even after the set has been torn down.  Lighting and other after-effects can also be applied as a part of a post-process if the entire geometry of the set has been captured in 3D.

Set Extension – Long range laser scanners give you the ability to capture entire city blocks in their exact condition and then use that data to build a virtual set extension.  For example you could (if permitted) scan the White House and then bring it into a virtual environment where a skyscraper is sitting next to it and towering over it.

Camera Tracking – Scanning the set immediately after each shot allows the locations of the camera, lights, and objects to be known such that lighting and other after-effects can be applied in reference to the camera position.

You can find more information by visiting our webpage dedicated to Faro technology.


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