Using 3D Scanning as Insurance

How to Insure your 3D Characters, Props, Car and Set Scans

 Whether you’re preparing to shoot a film, commercial or game cinematics, there are many things to consider when creating your project’s budget.

  1. Should I use 3D scanning, modeling, or just use creativity in some way with live action?
  2. What is my fallback position should an obvious need for improvements arise that may require additional 3D scans in ‘post’?
  3. Am I seeing everything we may need for this to be a successful production?
  4. What if we lose one of our principle actors? How can we finish the project?
  5. What if we need to call the talent back after shooting and they are unavailable?

TNG Visual Effects  has you covered! With our insurance scanning we will capture all of your principle talent and/or other props, and store them in an archive until you request them. We do this while we are already on site to scan for your project. We will typically ask if you think having a scan of someone or something else in the project might be helpful. This concept can save you time and money. Who amongst us isn’t looking to accomplish those savings in one fell swoop? Let’s start the New Year with new concepts and work together as if it were our last, just in case those gloomy apocalyptic prophecies hold true.


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