Dynamic Cloth – Phase 1

Dynamic 3D Cloth for Film, Television and Games 

After we have meticulously 3D scanned and modeled your character to your specifications, TNG Visual Effects is proud to announce our support of dynamic cloth to bring your characters to the next level in hyper-realism. Dynamic cloth takes into account the actual material properties of fabric and applies the laws of physics (including gravity, inertia, wind and other forces) to deliver unparalleled realism. The generation of dynamic cloth is a time consuming process.  Let our trained cloth designers build your characters’ clothing to your exact specifications and help you achieve your goals.

TNG Visual Effects will soon be able to deliver unparalleled realism in your future film and television work by supporting dynamic cloth in both 3DS Max and Maya using the bundled toolset included in both packages. No matter what software you use, we can help you meet your deadlines faster

If you’re creating video games, TNG Visual Effects also supports the Nvidia APEX physics toolset enabling your characters to be seamlessly integrated into popular 3d engines, such as The Unreal Development Kit, CryEngine 3 and Unity.

We are currently working on these elements to bring the final look closer to realism all the time. For us it is a labor of fulfillment. We strive to make the best use of our current technology and create the tools you need for your production. All of these elements are very important in the future as the part virtual characters play increases as time marches on. Please stay tuned in and connected as we continue to exhibit samples of our products.


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