Graham Edwards

Cinefex 21Emerging from a wall of fire on the front cover of Cinefex #21 is the extraordinarily detailed stop-motion cyborg endoskeleton built by Doug Beswick for James Cameron’s seminal 1984 science fiction film The Terminator. There’s more fictional futurism on the back cover, in the form of the spice harvester from David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the classic Frank Herbert novel Dune. The harvester’s a model too, this time sculpted by Rafael Ablanque and photographed on one of Kit West’s huge miniature sets at Mexico’s Churubusco studios. Two articles to re-read in this issue, then, spanning a total of 72 pages.

  • The Terminator (article by Jennifer Benidt)
  • The Shape of ‘Dune’ (edited by Janine Pourroy and Don Shay, based on material gathered by Paul M. Sammon)

Let’s travel back in time to 1984. Ronald Reagan was US President, Margaret Thatcher was UK Prime Minister and none of us felt…

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