On Prometheus

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Graham Edwards

Prometheus PosterMost people who like cinema have a movie that shines like a beacon in their memory, brighter than all the rest. Mine is Alien. I was there for its first release in 1979, sneaking past the warning signs in the theatre foyer even though I was too young for the movie’s X-certificate. ‘This film contains stroboscopic lighting effects!’ one of the signs screamed. Another suggested that if I was pregnant I might want to give this one a miss.

I ignored the warnings and let Alien carry me away to that distant, dark world. I loved it then, and love it still. Two of my all-time favourite ‘making of’ books are The Book of Alien and Giger’s Alien. I can even tell you, without looking it up, that the registration number of the commercial towing vehicle Nostromo (out of the Solomons and looking for Antarctica Traffic Control) is

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