The Detail is in the Texture

Up close and personal

Customize your 3D models to your desired resolution. The higher the resolution, the more detail.

High resolution photorealistic 3D models are created with the intention of “fooling” the average film or television viewer. If you’re unaware that the live actor you think you are seeing is in fact a “digital double,” that’s a VFX job well-done. Creating these characters (objects, sets or environments) via 3D scanning also involves a photo shoot in which a uniquely qualified photographer will shoot high resolution photos to be used for reference. After that the talented 3D artist will meticulously apply these photos to the 3D model, and voila! Each step is vital in the process of creating the 3D digital assets used in film, television and video games today.

TNG Visual Effects employs a talented team of 3D scan technicians and 3D artists ready to create the digital assets needed for any production. Visit our website or call us 877.879.2040 for more information. 


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