3D Scanning for Visual Effects – Tax Incentives

TNG Visual Effects is pleased to be a premier provider of 3D scanning visual effects technology services throughout North America. As a strategic part of our plan to bring your production the digital assets you need, we operate in various cities across the United States.

Los Angeles: Save time and money by sending your talent directly to our studio. California provides tax incentives to various film, television and video game productions. http://www.film.ca.gov/Incentives.htm

New Orleans: Create the digital assets you need while taking advantage of the tax credits available for your production in Louisiana. http://www.filmneworleans.org/for-filmmakers/tax-incentives/

New York: “NY Loves Film” and TNG Visual Effects is eager to help you make your production a success. More tax incentives exist to assist in this process. http://www.nylovesfilm.com/tax/

Remember, TNG Visual Effects uses highly mobile 3D scanning technology. If your production is already taking advantage of tax incentives in any location across North America, we will be there to capture the data you need. Let us help you create the 3D digital assets you can really use on your project.

For more information visit our website http://tngvisualeffects.com or call us directly 877.879.2040

A complete listing of tax incentives available by state can be found at http://www.sag.org/state-film-incentives

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