TNG Founder, Nick Tesi

There's no secret behind the staying power of Nick Tesi. With over 20 years of experience fusing current technology into to the entertainment industry, he is determined to deliver the data needed to make any project a success.

A 3D scanning veteran, Nick Tesi brings more than two decades of expert experience with technology in the entertainment industry to his role as Founder of TNG Visual Effects.

TNG offers advanced 3D scanning and motion capture services for clients in film, TV, gaming and commercial industries in Los Angeles and on location around the world – on time and on budget.  TNG Visual Effects provides on-location 3D scanning services to any location possible.

Under Nick’s leadership, the TNG team offers the right mix of technological know-how, mobility, customer service, efficiency and affordability.  They understand how to work with producers, directors and A-list talent, making the most of their precious time and ensuring their understanding of the process.  Nick knows that the investment in digital models can be priceless for some productions – including those where talent is unavailable for reshoots or with long franchises where talents age over the series.  In addition to heads and bodies, the company also scans props such as weapons, buildings, vehicles and any other items needed by production.

TNG clients include Fox Studios, Summit Entertainment, Blur Studio, Acne Media Inc., Evergreen Productions, HBO, Stargate Studios, Spark Unlimited, Troublemaker Studios and Alvernia Studios, among others.

Prior to establishing TNG and TNG (North), Nick managed and grew a team dedicated to 3D scanning.  During this time, he worked on more than 50 feature films, numerous commercials, and well-known action television shows (both mini-series and episodics). While there, Nick also honed his extensive experience in the gaming industry by working with such companies as THQ, Midway, Sony, 2K Sports, Bioware and EA.

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