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Game Trailers vs. Movie Trailers

Game Trailers vs. Movie Trailers:

The action and quality you expect…  from a big budget movie trailer!

Game trailers are strong. The better the quality, the more they feel like a big budget movie trailer. Of course, the idea is to show the audience a cool looking game using high resolution and partial live action. This entices the gamer and challenges them to try their hand at playing.

This kind of high-end media calls for all the tools, and techniques a producer has available in order to construct something compelling to advertise the game. In fact, the trailer should take the viewers breath away with graphics and action. The producers do anything possible so the animated characters look and act real, showcasing the best of what the game has to offer.

Typically, the company will use Mocap plus  3D scanning of the characters for replication.  This will save time (and money) on completion. This method produces an exact replica of the character in days, as opposed to the typical month (or longer) it takes to model a character “from scratch.”  Also, the character’s movements will be fluid and natural.

Building an environment based on 3D scanning helps to keep the pipeline flowing at its highest efficiency.  Parts of this extensively produced trailer can also be used in the cut scenes to help amortize the cost, and keep the model consistent.

Between time constraints, the look and feel of the trailer, and overall quality, there are few companies who excel at making game trailers comparable to big budget movie trailers. These companies maximize their  use of all the tools available in the market. This trailer is evidence that game trailers can compare to movie trailers.