Replicating Your Environment

Create exactly what you want via TNG 3D scanning visual effects technology.


Have you ever stepped on set, and immediately wished you had a digital scan of it?  Or have you wished the set was still there after it’s been taken apart? You might think you need a time machine, but all you need is a 3D scanning company with the right tools.  This is why we provide a service akin to insurance scanning. It’s the same concept of scanning characters in the event that they become unavailable later during production. With insurance scanning, you can have the sets scanned, and the data archived in case you need it in post production. The same can be done for location shooting as well.

We can scan houses, buildings, and structures that may be on the location to provide you with the ability to add (or subtract) cleanly from the scene. Sometimes pedestrians or traffic may be obstructing a location, and in that case, we can scan in the middle of the night with our infrared laser scanners.

It is the customer’s choice as to what they want and when they want the final delivery. You may want to consider what type of format you want the data: be it a point cloud, a surfaced model, or perhaps a complete model with textures is your ideal delivery.

Consider using 3D scanning on your project. TNG can save you the resources of both time and money.


Are your characters breaking your budget?


Special Effects vs. Visual Effects: Our Changing Industry

The industry (commonly referred to as “The Biz”) is in a constant change of getting the public viewers’ interested in their story by using all of the tools available. All businesses experience this – constant change. Special Effects was the preferred tool of the trade for years with explosions, water tanks, and stuntmen diving off of buildings into inflated cushions. In the last 10-15 years Visual Effects has been coming into their own with water effects, fire, explosions and making digital characters fall off roofs, mountains, or catching on fire.

Special Effects with live action shots were faster and easier for the director to work with, however, to do a second and third take became difficult and expensive. Now with visual effects and computers, you can do the second take, make various changes, and get a whole new look that could not be done any other way.

Visual Effects also lets you break all the rules as to what happens to a character or object within a scene. Yes, over the years there have been many changes, and more changes are on the way. The most important part of visual effects is creating life-like models and their seamless integration to live action.  This is the real magic of everything working in synchronization. It also gives the movie makers and commercial innovators a more cost-effective method of building content. This should also have an effect on the insurance that a show has to carry becuase their talent or their stunt actor is not in danger.

 To create the digital characters and props, you could have them modeled, or use some different visual effects depending on how close you would like them to get the action. 3D scanning has become the quickest solution that gives you the ability to use in pre-visualization and in the shot.  If you are working on a franchise such as Spiderman or Ironman, the 3D scan can be used over and over. The same can be done with TV episodics,  commercials with several variations and with video games that have a number of iterations to serve their fan base. 3D scans also make a great asset to use in the event of changes in the cast for various reasons.

Siggraph in Vancouver? [or] Siggraph, in Vancouver!

What a great reason to visit Vancouver and enjoy the city for a week in the summer. It’s like a double header – Siggraph and Vancouver all in one trip!

Vancouver is an ideal location this time of year. The weather is not too hot or muggy, and the scenery is beautiful. What a great place to vacation a few extra days either before, or after, Siggraph.

Vancouver has been a hot spot for Hollywood film production companies for years. The city’s suitable infrastructure is well set up to accommodate the needs of studios and film makers. This is only the beginning.  Along with great and long lasting TV shows, Vancouver is also home to one of the biggest game makers in the world: EA.

This is why we have strategically chosen to become part of the infrastructure and open TNG Visual Effects North, to help serve the needs of all the Entertainment industry.

We use Canadian technicians to perform our 3D scans, and we also have a talented team that handles all post processing and delivery. What a team! They have been working on multiple projects and have improved the method and quality of our end product, under strict deadlines, while keeping our reputation intact.

We will be in Vancouver and attending Siggraph from August 7 – 12, 2011. We are available to meet with representatives from companies looking for a 3D scanning company that can deliver quality 3D models, on time and on budget.  Please contact us if you have an interest, project, would like some advice, just want to learn more about 3D scanning, or if you think a local 3D scanning company is just what you need. We’re here for you.